“The emotion and body code sessions have enabled me to get through the toughest period of my life. Incredible healer, cannot recommend more highly!” ** Google review **

Anthony Giannotti

“Wow. Anj is nothing short of amazing. I took advantage of the Emotion and Body Code session which I did not have to be present for. I simply sent her my full name, date of birth and email address. She sent me a full report outlining her findings. Anj’s report gave me goosebumps quite frankly. … Continue reading Myra


“I have recently had the Reiki & Chakra Rebalancing Therapy and have felt amazing and rejuvenated since my visit. Anjna has helped me in so many ways, clearing my mind and giving me a sense of peace, order, tranquillity and confidence. I feel as though I have overcome many emotional issues with her help and … Continue reading Rosie El-Bijou

Rosie El-Bijou

“I found Anjna’s website when i was doing some reiki research she was the best i had come across with amazing reviews, and a very professional website which had stuck with me for months and my time came for some much needed emotional healing so i thought i would try her out. I had the … Continue reading Natalie Green

Natalie Green

“I’ve only had one session with Anjna and have seen a major difference in my life! I will have another session and would highly recommend as I found that this has helped me immensley with my Depression. I have had 2 sessions now of the emotions body code now, and have seen such a difference … Continue reading Raj V

Raj V

“I was recommended to Spiritual Goddess by someone who spoke so very highly of her and her services and I immediately had to book with her honestly she is such a warm, kind hearted lovely person and honestly very informative. I felt like it was right for me to receive the Emotion and Body Codes … Continue reading Peggy x

Peggy x

“I was recommend from a person who spoke highly of their experience with energy healing and was intrigued. I decided to go for emotion and body code session then Reikh which I found very beneficial and felt a true sense of calm and productivity it’s early days but I’m on the right path. I would … Continue reading Reen Burg

Reen Burg

“Anjna is excellent and really helped me at a time I needed it most! Can’t recommend her highly enough, thank you so much Anjna!” ** Google review **

Mia Scott

“I was recommended Anjna by someone amazing I follow and love on Instagram called Karice. I was genuinely intrigued at what could possibly happen if tried a session like this. Mind you, I’d never heard of an emotional and body code but the way Karice describe it made it sound so intriguing. Over the last … Continue reading Lynda Seme

Lynda Seme

“⭐️A⭐️M⭐️A⭐️Z⭐️I⭐️N⭐️G⭐️🌸 Thank you!!! 🌸” ** Google review **

Karolina Snopkova

“I have been looking for treatment for a long time, but wasn’t sure what to go for. After my session I am feeling more ‘me’ and more relaxed and connected.The report I received was so spot on. I am so grateful and look forward to moving forward with a clear heart.Thank you so much, I … Continue reading Jenny Mcdouall

Jenny Mcdouall

“I have used a variety of ‘self help’ techniques from reading books, to doing meditations to faster EFT, all of which were fab, but there still seemed blocks that I just couldn’t relive or clear. So I searched for spiritual healing and came across Anjanas Spirtual Goddess website, and hoped that this would be the … Continue reading Ash


“Feel great after my session! I feel like a weight has been lifted. Amazing service and so interesting reading the detailed report.” ** Google Review **

Kelly Price

“Anj is a healer. It’s also a two way thing, so if you’re open to it: it’s life changing. I’ve felt the difference in my body, my general well being and my overall outlook. I feel lighter and yet more aligned. I feel reconnected with myself on a deep level. I cannot recommend enough. Ty … Continue reading Jasmin Rai

Jasmin Rai

“Exceptional healer in every way.” ** Google Review **

Clare Lambert

“I was in a dark place in my life suffering from depression and anxiety for some years. I was also dealing with the loss of a loved one and coping with the daily stress of working in the City and being a single father. Anjna was recommended to me by a close friend. I was … Continue reading Spencer D

Spencer D

“I chose the Emotion and Body Code treatment. The results were super interesting and accurate and Anjna was great checking up to see how I was feeling the next day. I look forward to my next session with her. Would highly recommend!” ** Google Review **

Dana Saul

“I would definitely recommend the spiritual Godess to anybody who is looking for spiritual healing (we all do) . She is truly a gift to humanity with amazing healing powers. I am grateful to have been divinely guided to her and I look forward to this new journey of self healing and discovery with her … Continue reading Patrick


“She is very warm, professional and explains every step clearly. I am most definately working with Spiritual Goddess again. Post my emotion code I feel more relaxed and free.” ** Google Review **

Leyshan Grant

“Honestly the most healing and peaceful experience I’ve had by far, truly amazed and grateful for this new energy I’m feeling all thanks to Anj she is a star. A true healer, I will definitely be coming back for more sessions and will be recommending to friends and family.” ** Google Review **


“What a gem! My experience was extremely helpful in my healing journey she picked up on key things hidden in my subconscious that needed attention and cleared it! Very attentive and caring and aftercare was superb! Thank u!” ** Google Review **

Soma Devi

“Wow, wow, wow….what an enlightening experience! I chose to have a Tarot reading, I was encouraged by friends who have had readings over the years, however I have always been slightly sceptical …. despite a love for astrology and a fascination with space and planets :). The reading was carried out over the telephone. Anjna … Continue reading Tisha Dowling

Tisha Dowling

“I was feeling low and deflated, lockdown has been hard on me as a single mother, I was suffering with a lot of stress and anxiety due to previous toxic relationships, I felt like I had hit a brick wall in a lot of areas of my life, “no matter what I did there didn’t … Continue reading Shell Smith

Shell Smith

“Anjna is amazing , i had the emotion and body codes session and immediately after the session i was feeling lighter and calmer then i have been in a long time , Anj also checked how i was feeling which made me feel reassured,i have booked another session with Anjna and cannot wait for more … Continue reading Eglantina Celaj

Eglantina Celaj

“I would highly recommend Spiritual Goddess. I booked a remote emotion and body code treatment and received the session within a couple of days which was amazing ing , this was followed up by a thoroughly interesting report including mention of re-aligning my scapula bone which I found absolutely incredible because the previous day I … Continue reading Hanna


“I have been looking for a treatment for a while for my 5 year old son, he has had several health issues and we have attended our local hospital more times in the last year than since he was born. I am so pleased I chose the spiritual goddess Since the session my son has … Continue reading Stacey Dolan

Stacey Dolan

“Had my second session with Anjna and all I can say is wow! I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I wake up with a zest for life I haven’t felt since childhood. My self concept has improved and I’m feeling the most beautiful and confident I’ve ever felt! I look forward … Continue reading Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

“I just had a psychic reading with Anjna and she tapped into things straight away and although I was just thinking a general reading she was able to focus on exactly what I needed. It was so lovely to have affirmed that what I’m feeling is perfectly normal and that I am heading down the … Continue reading Eleri Smith

Eleri Smith

“I stumbled across the Spiritual Goddess whilst searching for reiki. I was intrigued by the website and it felt like I had found it for a reason. I asked Anjna what session she recommended for me which was the emotion and body code. Anjna rang me to go through everything and made sure I was … Continue reading Claire Woodman

Claire Woodman

“I booked the Emotion and Body codes session for a second time and cannot recommend Anjna enough. Her advice very much resonated. Grateful to have found her and will definitely book further sessions.” **Google Review**

Selina K

“Hi I chose the emotion and body codes session due to experiencing some health challenges. The session revealed a link to a significant period of time in my life which was so accurate, this had created a number of energy blockages. I have definitely felt much better and noted improvement in my body. I will … Continue reading Margaret Gorton

Margaret Gorton

“I personally was so intrigued by the emotion and body code book that i had to get a Session! I believe that the universe wanted me to meet Anj and after reading the reviews and pondering a lot I am grateful I reached out. I cannot explain how calm and reassured I felt after having … Continue reading Simerjeet Matharu

Simerjeet Matharu

“Had a tarot reading (my first ever!) with Spiritual Goddess and it was so accurate and exactly what I needed to hear in the moment. Just hearing her confirm everything I’m going through, in a kind and loving manner, was immensely healing and allowed me to release a lot of what had been weighing me … Continue reading Nafisa


“This is the first time I came accross such service. I found Spiritual Goddess randomly searching the web with the questions I had. Information and reviews I looked through resonated with what I’m looking for. I’ve booked an emotion and body codes session which followed by prompt email with the report. It blew my mind. … Continue reading Rasa Belkeviciute

Rasa Belkeviciute

“I opted for the Emotion & Body code session, the overall experience was really clear & straightforward. It was a remote session, so I could continue my work as usual while the session took place. In the middle of the session I could feel an uplift in my energies, started feeling a lot lighter and … Continue reading Jagdish Tanwar

Jagdish Tanwar

“Never having had a reiki session before, Anjna was my very first experience with reiki and she gave me such a great first session. I had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind. Her caring demeanour really put me at ease at the beginning of the session, and she … Continue reading Priya Bagga

Priya Bagga

“Wow what an amazing experience! I have been through the mill with breast cancer and a relationship split, I have been totally heartbroken. Spent a lot of time crying trying to come to terms with things. I was experiencing horrendous pain in my arm. Following my session I felt totally different back to my old … Continue reading Nicky Genge

Nicky Genge

“I was going through some difficult times with physical health problems and not really feeling myself which has been the case for the last few years. I came across Spirtual Goddess just by chance in the search for reiki and found the website very interesting. I decided to book the emotion and body code session. … Continue reading Amarjot Rehal

Amarjot Rehal

“Such an insightful reading that helped to give me clarity and confirm what I ultimately already knew but didn’t fully believe. Thank you!” ** Google review **


“Such a good experience with Spiritual Goddess and very helpful in explaining how the process works and what would be expected, if anything.Anjna was just lovely to speak to and very comforting for someone who’s nervous about trying new things like me.Both myself and my husband have found this experience to be beneficial and will … Continue reading Nimisha Patel

Nimisha Patel

“I honestly can’t thank Anjna enough for how much things have taken a positive turn for me within 2 days of the emotion and body code package. Im in my 30s and had immense pain on my left hip for about 3 months where I couldn’t sleep or lay on that side. Within 2 days … Continue reading Reena


“Anjna has been exceptional and picked up on few key things even before treatment! I went ahead with the energy codes healing and I was blown away with the findings! Will likely continue working with her services” **Google Review**

Meera Modha

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ **Google Review**

Bethany Webster

“Amazing” **Google Review**


“Following my emotions and body codes session the report I received resonated with me so much. The night after the session was the best sleep I had had in a long time.Now, a few days post the session and I am feeling so much lighter and more positive. Would definitely recommend if you want to … Continue reading Nadia Mills

Nadia Mills

“I had my very first Emotion and Body Codes session and I can’t praise Anjna enough. I haven’t felt this peace in a very long time and the report was so accurate. Thank you 🙏Update:I have also had my first Reiki session and the experience was mind blowing. Anjna, you are blessing 🙌” **Google Review**

Carmen Ciubotariu

“Had a emotion and body code session with the spiritual goddess felt really relaxed and more at ease would definitely recommend” **Google review**

Jamie Irving

“So far all I can say is wow ! I’ve had a back problem for years , since my emotional body code session the following day it felt like I’d been to the chiropractor , since then no issues at all . I’m looking forward to my next session . I was skeptical how this … Continue reading Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill

“I found the whole process of the emotion and body code to be extremely straightforward and easy. I was pleasantly surprised that no input was needed from my side during the session itself, which is the opposite to conventional treatments I’m aware of.After the first session, I noticed an immediate and significant improvement in my … Continue reading John Varzgar

John Varzgar

“I started my journey with Anjna receiving Emotion and Body Codes therapy distantly which created a big shift within me. I suffered with terrible Anxiety to the point it would make me feel quite unwell and I would think how will I get through my day, I can honestly say that the anxiety has completely … Continue reading Sara


“Anjna,Thank you for your service.  I was suffering with anxiety for quite some time and stumbled upon your website in search of Reiki Treatment.  As I read through the different types of therapies available, it was clear that I could benefit from the Emotion code and Body code package.  After receiving my first session I … Continue reading Cassandra


“Spiritual Goddess was recommended by a friend and my friend had given me great feedback on what she had just experienced. Although I was reluctant to try it out, I did reach out to Anjna and I was super nervous but Anjna was very clear on explaining how the emotion/body code works and I was … Continue reading Catia


I can’t believe the session I had, all the things revealed to me was so on point it’s crazy especially the years Anjna mentioned on the report she sent me, it all made sense and I can’t see how you knew all these things! I feel much better now and would recommend to anyone . … Continue reading Simeon


“I was recommended Anjna by a work colleague who has been singing her praises.  I was not sure when I contacted Anjna which therapy would be best suited for my needs.  I told Anjna I suffer from high levels of stress from work and also had not been sleeping for quite a while.  Anjna suggested … Continue reading Natalie


“I’ve never received any energy healing before and to be honest I didn’t believe in it but I suffer quite a bit from Stress, my work/home life is quite challenging and I find it hard to switch off. I was recommended to Anjna by someone I know and had heard only good things so decided … Continue reading Andrew Pine

Andrew Pine

“I had the emotion code and body code treatments. I feel amazing, I feel lighter and more spiritual than I have in years. Would defo recommend” ** Google review **

Tara Walsh

“A couple of months ago I was in a desperate situation, depression, anxiety and illness, I didn’t know where to turn as I had already exhausted a number of options. I had tried alternative therapy, hospitals and Doctors galore. A friend told me about The Spiritual Goddess and how Anjna had helped him and a … Continue reading Michelle


“Thank you for the report, you have found and removed a lot….WOW! Considering what has happened in my life, it should not really be a surprise. Things have been out of whack for a long time, I’ve known it but did not know how to deal with it.  I am very grateful for your help.  … Continue reading Susan


“I felt very alone and down after coming out of a relationship about 7 years ago. I lost my friends as a result of the break up as they were mutual friends of ours before us splitting. I have found it very difficult to meet people or to just meet a special someone. I was … Continue reading Amelia P

Amelia P

“Thank you Anjna for your spiritual healing.  I felt a lot better the next day.  I was able to make a lot of sense from your feedback after the session and you were spot on for all the issues.  I will definitely be asking for more help in the future.”

Dr Singh

” Wow. What a life-saver! I contacted Anjna after 2 of my friends recommended her. I really felt like I was at rock bottom. I had a severe spell of depression and anxiety and was having feelings I never felt before, It was almost like I was living in a dark bubble for about 2-3 … Continue reading Karice


“I enjoyed my reiki session with Anjna and felt very relaxed, I have felt more energetic and mentally relaxed. I have also had her body code sessions and have felt positive changes.” ** Google review **

Neesha Songra

“She is amazing. I’ve been confused, unwell suffering for ages and she unlocked it all in just one healing session. Anj is really special and I can’t thank her enough x” ** Google review **

Majella Furlong

“I would like to say how amazing Anjna is I’ve had a few sessions now and cannot believe how it’s improved my mental and physical problems.  I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression for a number of years which has turned into physical problems in the last year. I was actually getting to my wits end … Continue reading Lynsey


“Hi Spiritual Goddess I’ve had a couple of sessions from you – the Reiki and The Emotion Code.  I was feeling so low in myself for so many years and couldn’t put my finger on it.  I constantly go to the gym to help myself feel happier and to de-stress but that still didn’t give … Continue reading Stuart


“Anjna I would like to thank you. When I called to arrange my healing session I felt I was losing my mind, I was out of balance and felt very low.. I received my healing session the following day and within only moments after it had finished I immediately felt a sense  of relief.. my … Continue reading Justine


“It has been such a great blessing connecting to Anjna. Her spiritual practice is beyond logic, she is so gifted with her healing practice. I felt the shift of my energy and my 7 year old son’s after her sessions. It is such a new transformation in my soul and my heart. I believe we … Continue reading Xue Yang

Xue Yang

“Don’t know how but this was pretty much spot on. A great service and I beleive she holds a very special talent. I can’t wait to feel the effects of the clearing which only happened today. I also can’t wait for more work to be done on me. Thanks Anjna for your quick service.” ** … Continue reading Merline Edwards

Merline Edwards

“I’m a 48 year old female who has suffered from acute claustrophobia since as long as I can remember. I have no remembered trigger, it just seems to have always been part of my life. I’ve tried lots of other  therapies over time, with no real success. I have had one session so far with … Continue reading Tracy W

Tracy W

“Anjna gave me a Emotion & Body Code session which I found very informative and spot on. It also gave me time to reflect on the information provided and let go of what I have been holding unnecessarily to. Initially I felt tired the first day, but this is all part of the healing process. Since … Continue reading Jenny


“I am so grateful I found Anjna, she has been a great spiritual coach and healer.  I have had a number of therapies with Anjna, she is so patient and always checks in with me after the sessions to see how I am doing.  I have been a smoker for 25 years and not that … Continue reading Katie


“I was referred to Anjna by a friend who had told me about the Emotion Code. Anjna did my first session and I was amazed at the accuracy of the details she told me especially of the different timelines in my life that trauma occurred. The second session removed some physical blocks. I found that … Continue reading Naureen


“I came across Anjna by divine providence. I believe that imbalances in one’s life bring havoc. I felt those imbalances in my life and I was looking for an honest and effective therapy to get my balance right and start my healing process. Anjna was able to clear my imbalances and I could feel the … Continue reading Elijah


“Heard about the Emotion Code and thought it could help me, to identify where some of my blocks may be and stopping areas of my life moving on.  Anjna only asked two questions but the results was surprising, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I point out Anjna does not know me actually, we … Continue reading Elaine


“After learning about the “heart wall” from a documentary, I took the plunge with Anjna and went for the Emotion and Body Code combo.  This was done remotely and I must say I was nothing short of amazed to see the layers of accumulated trapped emotions and body issues she uncovered which were blocking me … Continue reading Genevieve


“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Emotion & Body Code Therapies, when the report came through it was interesting to read and I instantly felt calm and lighter. As the next day came I felt more positive and clear minded xx”


“I would highly recommend Anjna and her therapies.  When I contacted her I wanted a Reiki session but she convinced me that the Emotion & Body Code would be better suited, she told me not to tell her anything about why I wanted a session or what my issues were.  She said that it would … Continue reading Terry


“I had the Emotion & Body Code sessions for my daughter and myself today.  Both sessions were completely accurate and made total sense.  My daughter felt immediately better which is unbelievable as she has been unwell for few months.  I am going to book a further session as I feel very light and happy after … Continue reading Helen


“I suffer from a long-term mental health illness and the feedback/report from the Emotion Code session with Anjna was accurate and I could pinpoint the years which Anjna mentioned in her report where I experienced high emotional stress. I had a physical pain in my hips and this was pointed out in the feedback and … Continue reading Ken


“I just want to say THANK YOU to Anjna for bringing to me her healing powers through just a session of Emotion Code. I am a believer in the spiritual realm and the need to clear our energies and blockages and Anjna did this for me! All I had to do was send her my … Continue reading Jo


“Although I absolutely believe in the power of the mind & body and I have had a few reiki/healing sessions in the past, I was a little skeptical about the Emotion Code. However I did stay open minded and embraced it. Anjna messaged me when she had completed my therapy and some of the issues … Continue reading Rupinder


“I didn’t know what to expect but both my daughters had received the Emotion Code from Anj and were amazed at its efficacy. So I too asked Anj to perform the Emotion Code for me. I had a challenging time initially; I felt quite low and was unexpectedly tearful at times…..and then I felt better. … Continue reading Mel


“Anjna is a gifted healer and energy worker. Her work with me has been very helpful, supportive and informative. Hugely beneficial and highly recommended”


“Hello Anjna – I came to you because I had pain in my lower back and left knee but I didn’t tell you as I wanted to see what you would pick up on.  All you asked me for was my full name and age.  I was dumbfounded when i received a text from you … Continue reading Samira


“Hi Anj, thank you so much for my session. I was slightly nervous and a little skeptical in the beginning but after your healing I was automatically in a better head space and felt so much better. It was amazing to me how you were able to pinpoint specifics that no one else had known. … Continue reading Sanjay


“Anjna it’s so weird I can’t believe how you done it, but I am still feeling a massive difference since the weekend. I’ve cut down on my smoking somehow, I just don’t get the need as often as I was getting before. It’s a lot more considered now. And do you know it’s been so … Continue reading Betty


“What I love so much about this wonderful therapy is that it also works so incredibly well on animals too. For the past couple of years I’ve befriended a stray cat, and over that time, very slowly I’ve built up some trust, I can’t begin to imagine what suffering this beautiful cat has experienced to … Continue reading Dominica