Shell Smith

“I was feeling low and deflated, lockdown has been hard on me as a single mother, I was suffering with a lot of stress and anxiety due to previous toxic relationships, I felt like I had hit a brick wall in a lot of areas of my life, “no matter what I did there didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel”.
I consider myself a spiritual person, it is something that I have been exploring over a few years, however I have never tried emotion and body code session before, I am so very glad I did and more importantly that I chose Anjna to carry out the session.
On the day of my session, I woke up feeling like I would any other day, then became very over emotional and was crying I could not figure out why, later in the afternoon I just felt like a coat of calm around me enveloping me later that day I just felt like a coat of calm was around me it is a feeling I cannot really explain in words, but it was a wonderful feeling.
I had suffered emotionally traumatic experience, and Anjna in the report revealed the exact age it had happened, it was unbelievable I have never revealed that to anyone
My root chakra was blocked, Anjna explained that this was because of trapped emotions, of being let down, I completely resonated with this. Previously I had a dark entity in the hallway of my flat, since my session this has disappeared, I can no longer feel it which is amazing as I was feeling depressed and having negative thoughts and a lot of overthinking, I was also suffering stomach problems that could not be explained and I feel a real improvement with this that I just cannot explain. Anjna gave me such a detailed report I have gained so much more insight into myself and a better understanding of the power of the emotion and body code session for a beginner. After the session I felt up and down for a few days but have noticed I am calmer and sleeping so much better and for longer.
I highly recommend The emotion and body code session for anyone with depression, anxiety, Anjna is amazing, I received my report really promptly, Anjna also checked on me after my session which was an extra special touch that I really appreciated, she also talked to me and made sure I understood the report completely.
I will return for another session, thanks so very much Anjna x”

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