I have an insatiable curiosity about all things related to life, death, the universe and perpetually pondered on questions like..

What is the purpose of my existence?
Do we have the power to heal ourselves and others?
Are we alone?
What happens to us when we die?

I have come from a very traditional background and have grown up in a world where at the beginning there was no internet, google or instagram 🙂  Being the only girl in a big family I was treated like a princess and kept in this protective bubble but I had this thirst for knowing, learning and experiencing the world and all it had to offer.

As I grew so did the world around me – my path led me to the corporate world where I worked hard in the heart of London moving up the ladder so I can totally appreciate how fast paced, fun, crazy, occasionally unpredictable and sometimes challenging life can be.

Even though I succeeded professionally I didn’t feel it offered me the personal fulfilment I was looking for.  I always felt something was missing and I couldn’t be my true self – I was like a chameleon at work, no one really knew the real me and perhaps I was still learning about myself.  My experiences in life have provided me with a better understanding and valuable insight into people, the world and the stresses that can come with everyday work/life. If I hadn’t walked this path, I probably wouldn’t be able to connect, understand and help others who may be going through similar situations so I am thankful 🙏🏾

The more I ventured into the world of “spirituality”, the more distant I felt in my day job and the materialistic world around me. It was as if I was being pulled in a different direction, the spirit mafia were pushing me to take the plunge and embrace my calling. I was slightly reluctant to take this journey as like most people you are programmed into acting, thinking and behaving in a certain way – I was at that time going against the grain.  Life took a sudden turn for the worst when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer.  I realised I was living in the matrix and decided to take the red pill to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. I fully immersed myself in the art of healing, the veil lifted and that’s when Spiritual Goddess was born 🙌🏼✨

My passion is to instil this inner peace, healing and raise the awareness and vibrations of all that walk this beautiful earth and I feel I am achieving this client by client, one day perhaps the world.

My name is Anjna, I have invested thousands of hours, days and nights learning and practicing the art of healing, tuning into my psychic abilities and this is my gift to you.

Hello & Welcome

I am a qualified Life Coach, a master in the art of Reiki, a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner. I am blessed to work with the Golden Ray of Light and provide Psychic Readings.

I also volunteer for an organisation providing free reiki to frontline nurses, doctors and ambulance paramedics and have the privilege of working with children and animals 🙂

All sessions available are performed remotely/distantly.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic I had only met 3% of my clients face to face. I have always believed working remotely allows me to bypass ones ego and connect directly with ones higher self/the source and fountain of all knowledge – that is the beauty of energy as it has no borders.

Do not take my word for it, read the testimonials left by our amazing clients 💖

THANK YOU for stopping by and taking the first step in your “spiritual” journey.

Have fun exploring 🙂

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