“I honestly can’t thank Anjna enough for how much things have taken a positive turn for me within 2 days of the emotion and body code package.

Im in my 30s and had immense pain on my left hip for about 3 months where I couldn’t sleep or lay on that side. Within 2 days I only have 10% pain left. I feel so much lighter, calmer and happier. I cannot wait to have more sessions with Anjna.

Thank you so much Spiritual Goddess, I am so grateful to have found you!
Reena x

EDIT after 2 weeks:

I had my second session a week ago and I feel so much happier. I have a spring in my step and anxiety has massively dropped off.

I also booked in a session for my toddler. Anjna could have never have known about the birth story but her report was so accurate and she was able to remove so many trapped emotions that were linked to this. I feel she has hugely prevented any of these emotions effecting him in the future and I’m so grateful for this. Again, I just can’t thank you enough Anjna.

Reena x”

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