Stacey Dolan

“I have been looking for a treatment for a while for my 5 year old son, he has had several health issues and we have attended our local hospital more times in the last year than since he was born. I am so pleased I chose the spiritual goddess

Since the session my son has been sleeping like a baby, he is so much calmer and back to being my happy boy 🙂 Anjna seems to have waved a magic wand over him she is like our guardian angel xxxx , he has only mentioned the pain in his knee a handful of times, he used to wake up at least three times during the night crying. I feel so much happier and we have since also had a good appointment with the consultant so i am able to look ahead with positivity and start enjoying time with my two boys. i have told everyone i know about Anjna she even called me to see how he was getting on and give me an explanation of the session. i still cant claim to understand how but anjna has given me my happy little boy back x
Would highly recommend!!”

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