“I was recommended Anjna by a work colleague who has been singing her praises.  I was not sure when I contacted Anjna which therapy would be best suited for my needs.  I told Anjna I suffer from high levels of stress from work and also had not been sleeping for quite a while.  Anjna suggested that I book in for a Reiki session which she said works equally as well distantly but I wanted a face to face session as I was curious and it was my first time doing something like this.  When I arrived for my appointment I was asked to fill in a form and then we talked about me.  Anjna explains what will happen next and that I may feel certain sensations during the Reiki such as heat or tingling and I may see colours or fall asleep and that everyone is different and there is no right or wrong.  I lay down and she proceeds with the Reiki.  I feel very relaxed, as if i’m floating and at some point I must have dozed off which is quite surprising for me as my mind usually is jumping around thinking about all sorts.  I am gently awoken by Anjna who tells me the session is over and offers me a glass of water.  I feel so relaxed and the next day I feel almost lighter – I can’t explain it but its a good feeling.  Anjna texts me the next day to check in on how I am doing.  After a couple of days I decide to book in for another Reiki but this time I go for the Reiki with Golden Ray of Light session.  As I decide to do this session distantly Anjna asks me to tune in which I do and I can feel a slight tingling as she works on me – that night I had the best sleep ever.  I would highly recommend Anjna!  Thank you so much Anjna for helping me, I will be returning for more sessions!”