Andrew Pine

“I’ve never received any energy healing before and to be honest I didn’t believe in it but I suffer quite a bit from Stress, my work/home life is quite challenging and I find it hard to switch off. I was recommended to Anjna by someone I know and had heard only good things so decided to take the plunge. Anjna is very patient and explained the different treatments she offers but recommended I go for Reiki for my first session – she did the Reiki virtually as I was abroad so I didn’t even meet her but it was really relaxing. She sent me the aftercare advice and other information which was great – that night I didnt sleep as I kept having weird dreams. I received a text the next day from Anjna asking how I was. I told her about not sleeping and she directed me to the aftercare advice and one of the things on there said i might experience “vivid” dreams and she explained that its just the bodys way of clearing and processing from the reiki and she told me it would pass and i should start feeling better. I slept like a baby that evening and woke up feeling so refreshed and happy – I haven’t felt like that for ages. I decided to book in for another one, Anjna guided me to the Emotion & Body Codes and again I never met Anjna in person, she did the session virtually as I was travelling for business and she sent me a report afterwards. I was so shocked when I saw it as all the dates and things she picked up on were spot on. I have now booked in for a face to face reiki session which I am really looking forward to. I would highly recommend Anjna!”

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