“I started my journey with Anjna receiving Emotion and Body Codes therapy distantly which created a big shift within me. I suffered with terrible Anxiety to the point it would make me feel quite unwell and I would think how will I get through my day, I can honestly say that the anxiety has completely disappeared and I can get up each day feeling good.. I have also noticed that when I encounter a unpleasant experience during my day I am able to let go of that experience quicker than I ever did before I don’t carry it around with me!  I then received distant Reiki, Golden Light, Crystal therapy and Aura Cleansing with the Emotion & Body code all together – I have had a couple of these combined sessions, both very different experiences. I felt so peaceful after the first session and found I could stand in my own power easier and naturally.. after the second session I slept for 12 hours which is rare for me and woke feeling so calm and peaceful…these sessions have also got rid of the really bloated feeling I always had.  I can say with all my heart that the sessions/therapies I have received have been the most amazing experience and fear is no longer present in my life!  I thank you Anjna and send blessings and love 🙏”