“I came across Anjna by divine providence. I believe that imbalances in one’s life bring havoc. I felt those imbalances in my life and I was looking for an honest and effective therapy to get my balance right and start my healing process.

Anjna was able to clear my imbalances and I could feel the positive energy working in me to remove obstacles that were blocking my life in many levels especially in my work life, things stopped happening no matter how hard I tried there were barriers affecting my life, I was getting in trouble at every turn.

My first therapy session was a success and gave me confidence in Anjna. Anjna is organised, she will tell you when the session will start, the end of the session followed by a detailed report.

I want to break through my barriers and achieve success in my life. I’m working with Anjna to make things happen and I believe that I will conquer and change the course of my life.

I have no doubt whatsoever in recommending Anjna to you. You will notice changes from the first session. Change will happen as it is happening to me.”