Peggy x

“I was recommended to Spiritual Goddess by someone who spoke so very highly of her and her services and I immediately had to book with her honestly she is such a warm, kind hearted lovely person and honestly very informative. I felt like it was right for me to receive the Emotion and Body Codes session and at the end of the session she had sent me an informative report on what she had healed me from and dates of events that I had endured and experienced which were very accurate and will definitely come back and book another session I honestly can not wait. I definitely recommend to book with her.

UPDATE: So after a few weeks of having received the “Emotion code & Body code” I honestly feel better and lighter. The morning after the session Anjna had messaged me just to see how I was doing and feeling at the exact same moment as I was feeling a bit down, she immediately called me and reassured me that it was nothing to worry about and it was completely normal in fact it was just my body processing and clearing up and shedding old toxins. Within the 15mins call I had with her for some reason talking to her on the phone made me feel so much better than I had initially felt, I honestly felt calmer and happier. Ever since then I’ve just felt so much better, very positive, looking forward to the future and motivated to achieving more for myself. I am definitely going to be coming back for another session ending of this month. Seeing what one session can do, you can only imagine what it would be like once you’ve received another two to three more “Emotion Code & Body Code” session. All I want to say is that I am very much grateful for being introduced to Anjna as I just haven’t felt very much happy within myself for years and would always fake my happiness on the exterior whilst deep down I felt drained and would experience brief anxieties and mood swings.

I can’t wait to book my second session, again. Anjna thank you so much, I definitely recommend to book with her.


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