Natalie Green

“I found Anjna’s website when i was doing some reiki research she was the best i had come across with amazing reviews, and a very professional website which had stuck with me for months and my time came for some much needed emotional healing so i thought i would try her out. I had the emotion code and body code package i can honestly say i didn’t think it would work so quick i’ve literally only had it done for the last hour or so. I was relaxed and in my meditative state when she proceeded with the session, i could feel a thread like feeling been pulled through my head i was very warm and could feel the healing working, not long after i can feel that the block on my heart is being removed my shoulders and whole body feels a lot lighter, i feel energised also the report she gave was spot on i can’t wait for the next treatment or even to see how i will feel in the next few days. Thank you so much ”

** Google review **