“Heard about the Emotion Code and thought it could help me, to identify where some of my blocks may be and stopping areas of my life moving on.  Anjna only asked two questions but the results was surprising, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I point out Anjna does not know me actually, we have never met and my colleague who recommended me doesn’t know dates or a lot of my history. My colleague gave me Anjna’s details. While Anjna was carrying out the session I was sat at home on the sofa near the radiator and maybe just me but you know in an extremely hot country you can see something light heat capital? Not sure what it’s called? I saw that coming from the radiator out the side of my eye.  Anyway, once Anjna had sent me her findings it was very interesting.  Dates were close to spot on.  But I know these things she found are affecting me today and having them removed is what I require to clear my way.  Anjna found an allergy to something which I hadn’t thought about but was interesting.  So many parts were me.  It made me think about what I have been putting in my body which is negatively affecting me.  I was stunned!  I now would like another session to lighten the load and remove more emotions in my pathway.
Thanks so much.