Amelia P

“I felt very alone and down after coming out of a relationship about 7 years ago. I lost my friends as a result of the break up as they were mutual friends of ours before us splitting. I have found it very difficult to meet people or to just meet a special someone. I was recommended to Anjna by a friend who had received some therapy and coaching from her. Anjna has such a lovely and warm manner, she instantly made me feel comfortable and listened to me. I went for the resonating relationship programme which was on discount. I was given a one hour phone consultation where she asked me a range of questions and then she tested me to work out my blocks. It was so interesting and it made sense. After the consultation she goes away and works on removing these blocks identified in the consultation. Then about two weeks later I receive a text from Anjna saying she has completed the sessions followed by an email with a report of what she found. It blew my mind. It said things like she found a heart wall with trapped emotions – she explained to me what this meant and how this was impacting me meeting someone. I had created a wall around my heart. Following these sessions a week or two later it was weird, people were noticing me more and paying more attention, i felt more included. I haven’t met the one but i have been on several dates. After 7 years of nothing! I am still seeing Anjna and have had the Emotion & Body codes session and crystal healing which i had in person. I am hooked! Totally recommend Anjna, thank you!!!!”

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