Xue Yang

“It has been such a great blessing connecting to Anjna. Her spiritual practice is beyond logic, she is so gifted with her healing practice. I felt the shift of my energy and my 7 year old son’s after her sessions. It is such a new transformation in my soul and my heart. I believe we are carrying many lives of baggage in our karma or I call it in our energy system.. of course I totally believe the power of self – healing too.. however Anjna’s guidance on a subconscious level of healing also accelerated my spiritual wellbeing.. I was ready for her, she was ready for me. We were committed in this journey. I trust her guidance. Her service was absolutely effective for me and my son.

She is an angel, a blessing for the future leaders of humanity, towards bringing the purity to this land of earth. I am grateful for her service, her spiritual gift, her love and her compassion for this planet.”