Lynda Seme

“I was recommended Anjna by someone amazing I follow and love on Instagram called Karice. I was genuinely intrigued at what could possibly happen if tried a session like this. Mind you, I’d never heard of an emotional and body code but the way Karice describe it made it sound so intriguing. Over the last 2-3 years I haven’t felt like my true self after losing my Dad and I always felt like I couldn’t full express myself or be who I truly want to be, I felt like there was something in the way of that. Anjna has been amazing at identifying some nasty energies that were surrounding my heart and has done an amazing job at explaining what exactly she found, it was quite scary to be hit with so much truth in my report but I completely recommend and I will be booking in for my next session very soon. My goal is to be free from all negative energies, to be whole and for my higher self to operate at its full capacity. Thanks Anjna for your great work and I look forward to another session with you ❤️”

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