“What I love so much about this wonderful therapy is that it also works so incredibly well on animals too. For the past couple of years I’ve befriended a stray cat, and over that time, very slowly I’ve built up some trust, I can’t begin to imagine what suffering this beautiful cat has experienced to make him so afraid of human contact and it been a very slow process to come as far as we have, whereupon now he allows me to stroke him, although it would be my wish that he will eventually trust me enough to move into my home for good. Spiritual Goddess kindly worked on him and uncovered so many negative emotions that she has cleared. It has had such a positive effect on him I just really feel we are at a turning point. Immediately after his session he allowed a friend of mine to also pet him, something which would have seemed impossible before. I’m very positive now that things are moving forward and this little hero can finally have a happy life without being haunted by his past.”