“I have used a variety of ‘self help’ techniques from reading books, to doing meditations to faster EFT, all of which were fab, but there still seemed blocks that I just couldn’t relive or clear. So I searched for spiritual healing and came across Anjanas Spirtual Goddess website, and hoped that this would be the next level up to further healing. I booked in for the Emotion and Body Code session and Anjana explained the process clearly. I didn’t have to be with her or need to do anything while she did her work, and on completion I received a detailed report in all that she found and cleared. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but was surprised at how she managed to be on point in areas of my physical and spiritual being and of things that I had no idea about! The great thing is, that Anjana was able to work on resetting and realiging aspects of me, but the best thing is that (after a few days) I felt a sense of relief, a kind of inner peace in areas of my life where I would usually feel tension. I am so grateful to Anjana for this help and healing, and I am excited to do another or other sessions she offers. Thank-you so much Anjana, God bless you 🙂”

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