Walkie Talkie Session



What is this?

Exactly what it says on the tin – An opportunity to get out in the fresh air, exercise your mind and body whilst talking to Spiritual Goddess.

Your time, your topic.


  • To help reduce anxiety
  • To help find ways to deal with challenges or issues affecting ones emotional health for example: divorce, relationships, grief etc
  • For clarity & direction
  • To build self esteem
  • To learn ways to work out problems
  • Change behaviours
  • .. lots more possibilities

Why do I have to walk?

  • You’re not alone so gives you the company and confidence you may need to get out and walk
  • Promotes healthy behaviours
  • Releases endorphins
  • Gets you out and about in a different environment
  • Keeps you fit and healthy
  • Improves mindset, general wellbeing
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and stress
  • You forget you are exercising and stop concentrating on the time, as your focus is on something else and you’re not on your own
  • .. the list is endless!

How does it work?

Simple – You agree a time for a walk and we call you whilst you’re on this walk (another plus – saves your phone bill)

Duration of session/walk?

1 hour