Emotion Code Session



Sometimes life can be tough and you just feel stuck, you’re not able to move forward or you come face to face with the same issues over and over again throughout your life, this may be due to underlying causes.

Just about everyone has some emotional baggage from painful life events which can play havoc with ones happiness, ones success and ones health – these are called trapped emotions.  These trapped emotions are negative and tend to effect the body where they are stuck creating pain and perhaps even illnesses, they can also lead to depression, anxiety and lots of emotional issues.

The Emotion Code is the most cutting edge of energy healing, ridding you of your emotional baggage and blocks to enable you to move forward in your life and be open to abundance – helping you feel free and lighter.  This session works hand in hand with The Body Code

Spiritual Goddess has not had the pleasure of meeting 96% of her clients as the sessions are all performed distantly. 

This allows Spiritual Goddess to bypass ones ego and connect directly with ones higher self/the source of all power and the fountain of knowledge (holds every detail of ones life journeys both past and present).  Our clients have confirmed the results are a lot more heightened and effective working this way. 

Please do not just take our word for it – Click here to read their success stories